Unlike other mattress stores, our no-pressure sleep experts use the science of Body Mapping to pinpoint the exact level of support you need. Instead of gambling on an online mattress purchase or being overwhelmed and confused with dozens of mattresses to try, this quick and easy step allows us to guide you to the few best mattress options for your needs, alleviating aches, pains and shopping confusion, so you can love your bed and get a GREAT night’s sleep. All within your budget.


Mattress Specialist

A Certified Mattress Specialist will guide you through a brief process, gathering information on your preferred sleeping positions, comfort preferences and more.


Comfort Map

Your personal Comfort Map image will illustrate your body’s pressure distribution and recommend the level of comfort and support for your body.


Perfect Fit

Then you’ll be guided to experience the mattresses that best align with your Comfort Map image, specific body needs, sleep preferences and budget.

Mattress Pressure Mapping
The average person who lives to be 75 spends about 25 years asleep — that’s a lot of time spent on a mattress! Sleep doesn’t just feel great after a long day, either. It is an essential function that allows your body to recover from the day, sharpens your cognitive functions, strengthens your immune system and repairs your cells. The right mattress can even improve conditions such as back pain.

A quality mattress can help with all these functions of sleep by providing you with a comfortable, supportive environment where you can reach deep sleep.

What Is Body Mapping
Mattress pressure point mapping uses technology such as sensors to chart where a sleeper’s body most pushes or presses into a mattress. Your personal ComfortMap image will reveal how well a mattress conforms to your body, and illustrate your pressure distribution. Our specialists will then be able to pinpoint the level and type of support your body needs. This step simplifies the mattress shopping experience. Instead of being overwhelmed with dozens of mattresses to try, this quick and easy step allows us to guide you to the few best mattresses for your needs.

Body mapping is vital because there is a difference between comfort and support. The top layer of a mattress, no matter what it’s made from, is intended for comfort. This layer is often soft so you “sink in.” When manufacturers use pressure mapping for this layer, you put less pressure on your spine, neck, joints and other areas that tend to see the most pressure when you sleep. This ensures you stay more comfortable, which in turn lets you toss and turn less and get a deeper, better quality of sleep.

The layer under the comfort layer is what provides the support. Pressure mapping can be used to ensure you have proper support for your hips, back, joints and other parts of your body, ensuring your spine is in alignment as you sleep and allowing your body to get proper support for deep sleep.

Everyone sleeps differently. Some people sleep on their sides, where pressure is placed on their hips. Some people sleep on their backs, so the buttocks and back, as well as the heels, get a lot of pressure. Pressure on the body is also impacted by weight, height, age and other factors. Pressure mapping divides the mattress into zones and ensures all zones have the right support for you.

Choosing the Right Mattress With Sleep Gallery by INTERIORS HOME

Sleep Gallery by INTERIORS HOME uses pressure mapping technology so we can find the right mattress for you. When you come into the store, you can choose from a wide selection of mattresses. To find the right match, a Sleep Gallery Certified specialist will ask you questions about your sleeping habits. Then, we will help you create your personalized ComfortMap to reflect how mattresses conform to your body by teaching you how you sleep and where you need extra support.

Sleep Gallery Certified specialists will work with you to create a custom profile so you understand the support and comfort levels and types your body needs for optimal sleep. Once we have an accurate understanding of what you need in a mattress, we will guide you to the options that meet your physical needs and budget. This way, you get a mattress that functions the way you want it to. Sleep Gallery Certified specialists take the guesswork out of buying a mattress, so contact INTERIORS HOME today or drop by our stores to find the perfect mattress fit for you.