Magalys Reynoso

Design Consultant

About me:

With a degree in Interior Design, along with certifications in Kitchen, Lamps & Sales, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. My special recognitions include being featured in CODDI and Agenda Decoration magazine, showcasing my commitment to excellence in the field. My areas of expertise encompass space planning, consulting services, and specialized focus on kitchen & bath design, as well as window treatments and more. As a designer, I live by the philosophy that “Your style defines you,” encouraging clients to make their spaces truly reflect their personalities. Another guiding principle is “Make that place your home,” emphasizing the importance of creating a personalized and comfortable environment. I find inspiration both in nature and in the unique styles of my clients. Outside of my design pursuits, I am dedicated to being a pastor, a mother, and a wife. I cherish moments spent walking and connecting with nature, which fuels my creativity and passion for design.


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