Marlene Stauffer

Senior Interior Designer

About me:

With a solid foundation in the bedding industry, I am a certified mattress specialist, recognized for my expertise and commitment. I have earned accolades such as the 2018 Advancement Award and the prestigious 2021 Diamond Club Member distinction. While my area of expertise lies in window treatments, my passion for helping clients extends beyond just selling products. Embracing a philosophy that work should be enjoyable, my mantra is, “I love what I do, so it is fun for me and I will make it easy for you.” Outside of the professional realm, I am blessed with the joy of grandchildren, all aged between 16 and 2, who reside nearby. On our days off, my partner and I immerse ourselves in the vibrant world of grandparenthood, often juggling “babysitting” duties and attending their various activities. Despite the exhaustion that follows, the love we share makes these moments infinitely rewarding.


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