Su Gayman

Interior Designer

About me:

With a Bachelor’s degree in textile design, I have dedicated my career to the art of creating aesthetically pleasing and functional home furnishings. As a proud member of the Diamond Club in 2021 and 2022, I have also earned certifications as a Flexsteel specialist, Bassett specialist, and sleep specialist, showcasing my commitment to expertise in the field. My areas of proficiency include textile design, fabric construction, and performance, as well as extensive knowledge of color and products. I derive immense joy from the process of curating the perfect home furnishings that not only exude comfort but also uphold a standard of quality for my clients. Two mantras that guide my design philosophy are, “If you’re not having fun, you are not doing it right,” and “Good design helps make your house a home.” Beyond the realm of interiors, I find solace in nature, spending my free time outdoors tending to my garden or exploring the woods. Music serves as my inspiration, with a particular passion for playing the banjo and relishing live performances at concerts and festivals, where I love to dance and immerse myself in the lively atmosphere.


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