Devin Heagy

Design Consultant

About me:

With a Certificate of Interior Design from the prestigious New York Institute of Art and Design, I bring a unique blend of creativity and expertise to every project. My passion for timeless aesthetics is reflected in my design philosophy, as I believe in crafting spaces that stand the test of time. As highlighted in the September 2022 Lancaster Newspaper article titled “A Breath of Fresh Air,” my dedication to creating environments that transcend fleeting trends was acknowledged. The quote that encapsulates my design approach is, “It’s not always about the trends. I strive for timeless aesthetic that combines quality pieces into a unique design that will be enjoyed for years.” Beyond my professional endeavors at Interiors, I find joy in various pursuits. Whether it’s immersing myself in the great outdoors, practicing yoga, indulging in a captivating Netflix show, or delving into a good book, I am constantly inspired by the world around me.


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