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A Guide to Using Color Theory in Your Home

Color theory is how colors subliminally work together to influence our moods and emotions. A basic example of this is how yellow is perceived as happy. Companies often use color theory in advertisements to influence buyers.

So– Why should color theory influence how you design your home? Well, it's simple– choosing color is important because it can easily affect the mood of a space! To create the harmonious home of your dreams, color is a major factor that can influence your emotions and productivity.

Below is a breakdown of what colors work best in each space of a home based on color theory.

Living Room

Warm Earth tones. Earth tones bring nature inside, allowing you to feel calm and comfortable in your space. Earth tones are often seen as relaxing in color theory. Warm tones tend to be viewed as uplifting and bring about positivity and a sense of security. By using warm earth tones in the living room specifically, you are inviting guests to feel right at home! Stick to warm browns, soft warm oranges, and yellows.


Oranges or greens! Orange is known to bring about a sense of comfort, security, food, and warm energy. The kitchen is a great place to allow comfort while also bringing about energy. Green on the other hand, is a calmer option. Greens help balance emotions and bring about a sense of calm to a space while also providing a pop of color.


Yellow or purple! Yellow can bring a lively and positive effect to your child’s playroom allowing them to lean into fun and play; while purple is thought to help with mental cognition and deep thinking to allow your little ones to grow and thrive.


Blues. Blue is known to be the calmest of colors and the best color to use in bedrooms as it best aids sleep. Blue soothes the mind and can even lower blood pressure. It is known to also be associated with cleanliness. With blue in your bedroom, you are likely to get an extremely restful sleep!

While color theory can aid in decorating your home, it is not a steadfast rule. Color your home in a way that brings joy, and all will experience it in your space! From curtains, to throw pillows, to wood stains color theory at the very least is the perfect way to help you incorporate color into your space in a way that you may not have thought of before!